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First Post

I'm Gina, I've been a livejournal member for a while now and I had a previous account, but i decided to make a fresh start. I originally come from a little village near Portsmouth in England and right now I am at University in Loughborough.

I've been writing since I was thirteen and I've steadily got better - you should see some of the stuff I wrote when I was younger! It's really embarrassing lol! I'm writing my own book; have been for about 5 years. It's still a work in progress, but I will get there eventually.

I LOVE supernatural - it's like the most amazingly awesome thing EVER!! And Sam and Dean OMG seriously OMFG! Dean especially, gotta love Dean. I'm so totally gutted that season 4 is out in America and I'm having to make sure I don't read too many spoilers!!

So yeah, that's me for the moment. I'm off to watch '10 things i hate about you' with my friend Phoebe! Also love Heath Ledger!

so lovely

I would like to say...


   I would like to say that I hope you are happy. You’ve gone away and I should be wishing you joy and happiness and someone to love, but in all honesty I hope you are miserable. I hope that you are falling apart without me, like I am falling apart without you. I’ve fallen into a routine: get up; stumble into the bathroom; turn on the shower, water so hot it’s scalding; then I stand there while the radio plays the same songs, and I cry. I cry and I cry and I cry. I miss you so much it feels like my heart is breaking every time I think of you.

   So many things remind me of you. I stand in the kitchen forcing myself to eat and I can smell coffee. The last time we were together you were sitting in my garden, shirtless and glowing in the sunshine, a mug of coffee clasped in your hand. When I kissed you I could taste the caffeine on your tongue.

   I get in my car and as I stare at the road I pretend that your still there sitting next to me. I can hear your breathing and your little boy laugh. Then our song comes on the radio and I can feel my eyes start to sting, then before I know it tears are coursing down my face. I snivel pathetically and for a second I’m glad you aren’t there to hear me.

   Lizzie talks about her drum lessons and all I can think is ‘George plays the drums’. I can see you twirling the drumsticks in your small hands. Hands the same size as mine, hands that fit together. We hardly ever hold hands. Next time I see you, we will see each other again, I will hold your hand. Lace our fingers together so tight you will never be able to let go.

so lovely

Writer's Block: Loved Ones Afar

My first love. 
The drummer in a band away on tour.
The most messed up person I have ever known.
But the ridiculous thing is that although he is messed up he is perfect.
He is vulnerable, he thinks people wouldn't like him if he wasn't in the band.
He thinks he's arrogant despite the fact that he worries: too pale, too tall, too skinny...
He just doesn't realise that he's so perfect that I almost can't look at him.
He shines and I spend my time wondering what he sees in me.
I cling to the two days we spent together before he left.
I wonder if he cherishes those days like I do.
He is my first love and how he shines.
so lovely


So I'm sitting here in my living room with 2 of my best friends: Tim and Lizzie. It was such a gorgeous day today - so much sunshine!! Lizzie an I cycled to TIm's house then we all cycled back to my house cus my parents have gone away! It was just so perfect, cycling along the farm track in the late afternoon sunshine, singing as we went. Sometime you just have these moments which stick in your memory cus they make you so happy and you just wanna remember them forever.

Hehe ok enough indulgent crap for now =] I'm gonna go and upload some more writing!